Renacimiento natural

Se suceden los días y las noches primaverales y en cada momento, cada detalle, percibo un renacimiento neoyorquino, natural y social. Peral de Callery (Pyrus calleryana) El renacimiento social todavía lo estoy viviendo y ponderando. Al primero lo impulsa Natura Naturans. Se manifiesta como Natura Naturata en los brotes y florecimientos de azafranes, magnolias, cerezos, … Continue reading Renacimiento natural

Dancing with the Daffodils

I welcomed April by visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on a cool, sunny day. Nature then blessed me with the gift of daffodils. My friends and I were cutting across from the Native Flora Garden towards the Shakespeare Garden when we came upon Daffodil Hill. To our exhilaration, the hill was covered by white, yellow, … Continue reading Dancing with the Daffodils

Sea-beaten Rocks

As I discuss Ralph W. Emerson's Nature with my students, I have been pondering the rocks at the southeast point of Playa Colonia, in Costa Rica's Parque Nacional Marino Ballena. The central question Emerson poses in his seminal essay—the cornerstone of his philosophical vision—is: "To what end is Nature?" This is a question of final … Continue reading Sea-beaten Rocks

Grateful Hearts // Corazones agradecidos

In this joyful day of Thanksgiving, I share the grateful hearts that I saw during my most recent walk through Lankester Botanic Garden, in Cartago, Costa Rica. I had not noticed before how abundant heart-shaped leaves are in the tropics. But these green, hopeful hearts revealed themselves to me everywhere. They were omnipresent, like the … Continue reading Grateful Hearts // Corazones agradecidos

Flores de transición

Una de las claves para vivir una vida peripatética es mantener presente y vigoroso el vínculo íntimo con la naturaleza creativa --Natura naturans-- y la naturaleza creada --Natura naturata-- en las transiciones entre un ambiente natural y otro, entre una comunidad y otra, entre los territorios que me acogen en mis andares. He regresado del … Continue reading Flores de transición

A Stroll through the Rock Garden

As I continue to enjoy the beauty of summer in Brooklyn, I am drawn to the simple, quiet places where I know crowds do not gather or overwhelm. This afternoon I wanted to find such a place to walk and pondered where to go. This morning I had been thinking of the Zen aesthetic concept … Continue reading A Stroll through the Rock Garden

Rumi: Giving Yourself

Watching summer blooms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, I am moved by their loving magnanimity. They give their vitality generously to hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, bumble bees, fireflies, and any other visitors who feed from their sweet heart. Canada Goldenrod (Solidago canadensis) Loving Spirits, the summer flowers give their delicious energy without asking their guests for … Continue reading Rumi: Giving Yourself