Floral Simplicity

It is a cold, gray afternoon. Worries weigh on my mind like the nimbostratus, filled with rain, that hover over the land. In search of a wise, earthy voice, I seek Mary Oliver's poetry in my library. I come upon the poem "Just Lying on the Grass at Blackwater." These verses strike me as the … Continue reading Floral Simplicity

Rumi: Four Streams

I have been pondering, for months, Rumi's poem "Your First Eyes." He speaks of four streams that run inside the lover's soul-heart. I have been wondering what these spiritual currents might be. A lover has four streams inside,of water, wine, honey, and milk.Find those in yourself, and pay no attentionwhat so-and-so says about such and … Continue reading Rumi: Four Streams

Mirasol mi Vida

Hace cinco semanas la veranera derribó a mi Jardinero Fiel y lo hirió en el Salto del Ángel. También cayó sobre los arbustos que habían nacido de las semillas que Uitsili y yo habíamos sembrado a principios de año. Los dejó tan maltrechos que pensé que los arbustos morirían. Los desarraigué. Pero uno de ellos, … Continue reading Mirasol mi Vida

Lua Nova

Lua Nova de outubro. No meu jardim, escuridão e calma. No zênite, Vénus brilhante, deusa amorosa do firmamento. Na minha lembraça, o luar sobre o mar do Caribe. No meu coração, você. Nunca tive os olhos tão clarose o sorriso em tanta loucura.Sinto-me toda igual às árvores:solitária, perfeita e pura.Aqui estão meus olhos nas flores,meus … Continue reading Lua Nova

Rumi: All These Buds Will Blossom

Several weeks ago, a pest attacked the rose bushes in my garden. The sap-sucking bugs nearly killed the plants. These lost all their leaves and did not flower for a while. Thankfully, my Constant Gardener (Jardinero Fiel) eliminated the pest. Leaves started to bud soon after, and in the last week magenta and yellow roses … Continue reading Rumi: All These Buds Will Blossom

Rumi: Speak with Love

When I am wordless, I read Rumi's poetry. It speaks to my heart and soul. As I feel my speechlessness in the tropical night, I come upon his poem "Clouds": ...What we sayis a caravan bell, clouds moving across.Traveler, don't try to decide where to stop.(...)Stay light on your feet and keep moving.Speak any language, … Continue reading Rumi: Speak with Love

Entardeceres amazônicos

Tenho sonhado com entardeceres amazônicos. Tenho visto de novo as imagens do céu enorme da Amazônia; das cores do pôr-do-sol -- amarelos, laranjas, roxos, lilás, vermelhos; das reflexões da luz oblíqua nas águas dos grandes rios arteriais -- o Madeira, o Negro, o Amazonas --, dos pequenos rios cheios de vida -- o Abunã, o … Continue reading Entardeceres amazônicos