Silent in Tárcoles with Rumi

After three months of longing, I have returned to Tárcoles, in Costa Rica's Pacific lowlands. I have come with Rumi. I found him where Love placed him on my shelves, and I asked him to come along. Here in Tárcoles the austere, yellowed landscape during the driest, hottest months has passed. Now the rainy season … Continue reading Silent in Tárcoles with Rumi

Rosas de abril tras la lluvia

Pasa abril. No muere. Pasa. Y con sus altibajos y claroscuros permanece en nuestros corazones. Deja sus esperanzas y desesperanzas, amores y desamores, nacimientos y muertes, amaneceres y atardeceres. A este valle ha traído el cambio de estación, las primeras lluvias, y nos deja, como presentes, gotas frescas, diáfanas y relucientes en los pétalos de … Continue reading Rosas de abril tras la lluvia

Tagore’s “Stream of Life” in My Garden

As sanitary confinement continues to be recommended in my city of San José and I stay home, I have turned to observe ever more carefully the minute details of living nature in my garden. I have discovered new beauties. For example, I often appreciate the various species of orchids, the red passionflower, the magenta and … Continue reading Tagore’s “Stream of Life” in My Garden

Tagore’s Seashore of Worlds

I have just read "Song 60" from the classic Gitanjali by the Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore. Its beautiful verses reminded me of a recent walk, on a golden afternoon, along the beach in Puerto Viejo, Limón. Children swam and played in the sea as the loving Nereid of the Caribbean watched over them. Their ludic … Continue reading Tagore’s Seashore of Worlds

Rumi: The Closeness of Friends

Friend, our closeness is this: anywhere you put your foot, feel me in the firmness under you. --Rumi I have been blessed by friends as firm as the solid rock that supports the Crestones of Cerró Chirripo. I pray to be such a friend as well. (Photo: "Los Crestones, Parque Nacional Chirripo, Costa Rica" by … Continue reading Rumi: The Closeness of Friends

Close to My Heart

I boarded the ferry, sailed, and landed in a peninsula between ocean and bay to visit beloved friends: Art, Music, and Joy. They felt the pain of loss, and I thought I could comfort them. But I also felt the sorrow of lostness, and it was they who comforted me. Music and Joy strummed the … Continue reading Close to My Heart