Pennsylvania: After the Storm

It has been a winter without snow in Brooklyn, this New York City borough geographically located in Long Island. The waters of the Atlantic must be warm because I've only seen a dusting, at the beginning of February. Yesterday, though, a few snowflakes fell in the afternoon, and that was enough to thrill me for … Continue reading Pennsylvania: After the Storm

Aguilucho norteño / Northern Harrier

Ayer fue el primer día de tiempo otoñal: brisa fresca, casi fría; sol brillante dorando el follaje que empieza a mudar a tonos amarillos y naranja; cielo cian. Yo salía de nadar en el campus de Brooklyn College y apreciaba esta belleza, cuando un ángel negro sobrevoló la avenida Bedford. ¡Era un aguilucho norteño! Una … Continue reading Aguilucho norteño / Northern Harrier

Siddhartha by the River

I have been biking to the piers at Sunset Park to read Siddhartha while facing the upper bay of the Hudson River's estuary. I knew that Siddhartha's encounter with the river would be the tale's most moving chapter for me. I wanted to prepare for it by contemplating, as I read, the ebb and flow … Continue reading Siddhartha by the River

Red-winged Blackbirds

The red-winged blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus) returned to the shores of Prospect Lake several weeks ago. Every morning, on my walk across the park, I have listened to their metallic voices calling from the top of oaks, maples, and honey locusts. Theirs is a simple, haunting, repetitive call, like a mantra: first a short phrase, with … Continue reading Red-winged Blackbirds