Groundedness in my Garden

My garden has been my site of groundedness this year. 2020 has been challenging for me, as for everyone--painful at times, joyful at others, and an opportunity for transformation and growth in the midst of tremendous loss. Assailed by instability, in my garden I have felt grounded in body, mind, and spirit. When it wasn't … Continue reading Groundedness in my Garden

Close to My Heart

I boarded the ferry, sailed, and landed in a peninsula between ocean and bay to visit beloved friends: Art, Music, and Joy. They felt the pain of loss, and I thought I could comfort them. But I also felt the sorrow of lostness, and it was they who comforted me. Music and Joy strummed the … Continue reading Close to My Heart

Listening to a Friend in New York Town

I listened to Niall Connolly's song "Sum of Our Parts" on my headphones as I rode the F train from Prospect Park to the Lower East Side in Manhattan, on my way to his Saturday night gig Rockwood Music Hall. It had been several months since I'd seen Niall, and even longer since I'd been … Continue reading Listening to a Friend in New York Town