Mi alma es un cardenal-- llama bermeja flameando en el viento; canto dulce en crescendo amoroso; espíritu peregrino explorando territorios; sangre alada; corazón que pulsa en el bosque. Cardenal en Brooklyn, inicios de la primavera (Foto: Dimitriy Fomenko). [Portada: Cardenal en Saint Marks, Brooklyn (Foto: Canopic).]

Sea-beaten Rocks

As I discuss Ralph W. Emerson's Nature with my students, I have been pondering the rocks at the southeast point of Playa Colonia, in Costa Rica's Parque Nacional Marino Ballena. The central question Emerson poses in his seminal essay—the cornerstone of his philosophical vision—is: "To what end is Nature?" This is a question of final … Continue reading Sea-beaten Rocks

Groundedness in my Garden

My garden has been my site of groundedness this year. 2020 has been challenging for me, as for everyone--painful at times, joyful at others, and an opportunity for transformation and growth in the midst of tremendous loss. Assailed by instability, in my garden I have felt grounded in body, mind, and spirit. When it wasn't … Continue reading Groundedness in my Garden