The Moods of Prospect Lake

I am once again walking the trails and paths along the shore of Prospect Lake. Quiet walker, I explore the lake's nooks, the contour of its shore, and regard the changing moods of its waters. Sometimes they are calm as a reflecting pool; other times the breeze causes them to wave gentle; on stormy days, … Continue reading The Moods of Prospect Lake

Amanecer brooklynense

Me levanté antes de que Alba llegara con su luz suave y gentil a iluminar a Brooklyn. Salí de casa rumbo al aeropuerto JFK. Mientras transitaba hacia el sur por la autopista junto al río Hudson, donde la bahía baja de su estuario se abre a la ancha mar, la luna menguante brillaba en el … Continue reading Amanecer brooklynense

Listening to a Friend in New York Town

I listened to Niall Connolly's song "Sum of Our Parts" on my headphones as I rode the F train from Prospect Park to the Lower East Side in Manhattan, on my way to his Saturday night gig Rockwood Music Hall. It had been several months since I'd seen Niall, and even longer since I'd been … Continue reading Listening to a Friend in New York Town