Simplicity and Love

Last night October ended with a full moon showing its glowing face through a veil of cirrocumulus above Tárcoles. This morning, November arrived with a soft, luminous dawn over Cerro Turrubares. I welcomed it from my hammock at La Libélula. It felt like the quiet, solitary, peaceful beginning of a new vital cycle. Two writers … Continue reading Simplicity and Love

Flor de Vida

Hoy Natura Naturans me regaló un gran impulso de Vida. A principios de año, en una caminata por Montelimar, Uitsili y yo habíamos notado un arbusto que daba bellas flores amarillo naranja. Recogimos semillas, las trajimos al jardín y las sembramos en una maceta. Brotaron y empezaron a crecer. Hasta hace doce días continuaban creciendo … Continue reading Flor de Vida

Tagore’s “Stream of Life” in My Garden

As sanitary confinement continues to be recommended in my city of San José and I stay home, I have turned to observe ever more carefully the minute details of living nature in my garden. I have discovered new beauties. For example, I often appreciate the various species of orchids, the red passionflower, the magenta and … Continue reading Tagore’s “Stream of Life” in My Garden