Floral Simplicity

It is a cold, gray afternoon. Worries weigh on my mind like the nimbostratus, filled with rain, that hover over the land. In search of a wise, earthy voice, I seek Mary Oliver's poetry in my library. I come upon the poem "Just Lying on the Grass at Blackwater." These verses strike me as the … Continue reading Floral Simplicity

To leap in the froth of waves

July has come. We still have half a year to make 2020 a time of growth, even in the face of struggle, grief, and profound loss. In January I shared Rabindranath Tagore's "Song 36" from Gitanjali as a prayer for the new year: This is my prayer to you, my [loving God] -- strike, strike … Continue reading To leap in the froth of waves

Autumn Musings

I wake up every morning at dawn and look out my garden window to the soft pink clouds that beckon me eastward. Sometimes I go on my walk immediately, taking blue and blackberries with me. Sometimes I have a silent, joyful breakfast at my small table and then I venture out into the blue, green, … Continue reading Autumn Musings