Rumi: Liberation

I have been gazing at the mosques of Istanbul--elegant, with grand semi-spherical domes and their lean minarets. These point heavenward, as if they could pierce the sky's grander azure dome. What do they mean, at least to me? One of Rumi's rubaiyat has given me the key to interpretation. They symbolize not ambition but liberation--that … Continue reading Rumi: Liberation

Rumi: Rubaiyat at Random

You walk among the spirits of flying dervishes and the whispers of their mystical joy on the anniversary of Rumi's death. How many lives have been loved, how many loves have been lived, how many flying hearts have turned and danced in his land since 17 December 1273? How many dances have been danced, how … Continue reading Rumi: Rubaiyat at Random

Siddhartha by the River

I have been biking to the piers at Sunset Park to read Siddhartha while facing the upper bay of the Hudson River's estuary. I knew that Siddhartha's encounter with the river would be the tale's most moving chapter for me. I wanted to prepare for it by contemplating, as I read, the ebb and flow … Continue reading Siddhartha by the River

Mary Oliver: American Primitive

Lao Tzu, Rumi, David, Emerson, Wordsworth, Gibran, and Mary Oliver have taught me, over the years, that I never finish reading a book of wisdom poetry. When I read the last psalm, song, or poem, I simply put the book down for a while--sometimes for a few years--until one day whim, genius, or spiritual thirst … Continue reading Mary Oliver: American Primitive

¿Qué hacés aquí?

Fortalecido por los cuidados del ángel junto al enebro, Elías caminó cuarenta días y cuarenta noches a través del desierto para llegar al Monte Horeb. Huyendo de sus perseguidores, se refugió en una cueva. Allí escuchó a la Voz Divina preguntarle: "¿Qué haces aquí?" Elías salió de la cueva y dio su respuesta (I Reyes … Continue reading ¿Qué hacés aquí?

Ángeles junto al enebro

Elías desfalleció bajo la sombra de un enebro. Jezabel (vicisitudes, tribulaciones) lo perseguía para matarlo y Elías huía al Monte Horeb. Después de andar todo un día por el desierto, abatido tras luchas, decepciones y traiciones, se sentó bajo un enebro y le dijo a su Dios que quería morirse: "¡Basta ya!" Se acostó y, … Continue reading Ángeles junto al enebro


Hace un año nuestra Luz pasó de la Tierra al Cielo. Encontré su Biblia, que leía fielmente, sobre el mueble de la cocina en su casa, al lado de la silla que acostumbraba ocupar en su mesa. En esa Biblia dejó marcado el Salmo 36, donde el poeta David escribe: Porque contigo está el manantial … Continue reading Luz

Simplicity and Love

Last night October ended with a full moon showing its glowing face through a veil of cirrocumulus above Tárcoles. This morning, November arrived with a soft, luminous dawn over Cerro Turrubares. I welcomed it from my hammock at La Libélula. It felt like the quiet, solitary, peaceful beginning of a new vital cycle. Two writers … Continue reading Simplicity and Love

Rumi: All These Buds Will Blossom

Several weeks ago, a pest attacked the rose bushes in my garden. The sap-sucking bugs nearly killed the plants. These lost all their leaves and did not flower for a while. Thankfully, my Constant Gardener (Jardinero Fiel) eliminated the pest. Leaves started to bud soon after, and in the last week magenta and yellow roses … Continue reading Rumi: All These Buds Will Blossom

A Poet Speaks To Me About Love

As I sat still and silent with my beating, beating heart, the wisdom poet Mark Nepo spoke to comfort me today. In the December 3 meditation from his Book of Awakening, entitled "Hospitality," he wrote: "Often the purpose of love is for others to guide us, without expectation or interference, as far as they can … Continue reading A Poet Speaks To Me About Love