Rumi: Everyone Is Totally Forgiven

Amanece. Recibamos esta aurora con amor y gracia, sin juicio, culpa, ni lamento. Renazcamos y vivamos agradecidos, felices, con gozo. El Agape es incondicional; la Gracia, absoluta. Let us welcome this dawn with love and grace, without judgment, guilt, or lament. Let us awaken, be reborn, and live with gratitude, happiness, and joy. Agape is … Continue reading Rumi: Everyone Is Totally Forgiven

Rumi: Only Love is Infinite

I have had glimpses, finite experiences, of two infinities. One starts from the heart and leads inward, into the infinitesimal crevices of being and feeling. The other one starts from the heart and leads outward, into the cosmos that my bodymind experiences. Both are in flux, changing, evolving. They are also pervaded by love; they … Continue reading Rumi: Only Love is Infinite

Silent in Tárcoles with Rumi

After three months of longing, I have returned to Tárcoles, in Costa Rica's Pacific lowlands. I have come with Rumi. I found him where Love placed him on my shelves, and I asked him to come along. Here in Tárcoles the austere, yellowed landscape during the driest, hottest months has passed. Now the rainy season … Continue reading Silent in Tárcoles with Rumi

Rumi: The Closeness of Friends

Friend, our closeness is this: anywhere you put your foot, feel me in the firmness under you. --Rumi I have been blessed by friends as firm as the solid rock that supports the Crestones of Cerró Chirripo. I pray to be such a friend as well. (Photo: "Los Crestones, Parque Nacional Chirripo, Costa Rica" by … Continue reading Rumi: The Closeness of Friends