Rumi: Everyone Is Totally Forgiven

Amanece. Recibamos esta aurora con amor y gracia, sin juicio, culpa, ni lamento. Renazcamos y vivamos agradecidos, felices, con gozo. El Agape es incondicional; la Gracia, absoluta.

Let us welcome this dawn with love and grace, without judgment, guilt, or lament. Let us awaken, be reborn, and live with gratitude, happiness, and joy. Agape is unconditional; Grace, absolute.

The night contains the day.

The ocean breaks into waves.

The sky wears the gift we gave.

Whatever customs humanity had

become ways of compassion.

Start your lives over.

Everyone is totally forgiven, no matter what.

Rumi: “Start Your Lives Over”
Dawn / Aurora

Cover picture: Sunrise view from Lagunillas de Tárcoles

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