Rumi: Only Love is Infinite

I have had glimpses, finite experiences, of two infinities. One starts from the heart and leads inward, into the infinitesimal crevices of being and feeling. The other one starts from the heart and leads outward, into the cosmos that my bodymind experiences.

Both are in flux, changing, evolving. They are also pervaded by love; they are shot-through and pulsating with agape.

After the morning rain, I lie on the grass, feeling the wet earth beneath me, look at the blue sky that opens among the gray-white cumulus clouds, and try to experience them both.

Lovers work, so that when body and soul

are no longer together,

their loving will be free.

Love is the vital core of the soul,

and of all you see, only love is infinite.

Rumi: “With You Here Between”

Love, I’d say, pulsates in the vital core (cor, cuore, corazón, coração, yóllotl, heart) where both infinities meet and from which both grow.

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