Simplicity and Love

Last night October ended with a full moon showing its glowing face through a veil of cirrocumulus above Tárcoles. This morning, November arrived with a soft, luminous dawn over Cerro Turrubares.

I welcomed it from my hammock at La Libélula. It felt like the quiet, solitary, peaceful beginning of a new vital cycle.

Two writers whom I consider close friends of my spirit spoke to me from their pages. I mark their words here, as much to remind myself of their views as to share them with those who will read and listen.

Both friends speak of the simplicity that leads to love in the present moment and task. This includes, I think, the vital relationship that may need care and attention at a given time.

I wish to meet the facts of life–the vital facts–which were the phenomena or actuality the Gods meant to show us,–face to face. And so I came down here [to Walden Pond]. Life! who knows what it is–what it does? … [The preacher should teach] pause & simplicity.

Henry David Thoreau, journal entry for 6 July 1845

Wherever I cannot bring my entire being, I am not there…Do one thing at a time and do it entirely, and it will lead to the next moment of love.

Mark Nepo, meditation for 1 November in The Book of Awakening

May we all have the wisdom (sophia), self-mastery (sophrosyne), and wholeheartedness to live and love in simplicity.

Petrea volubilis in the morning sun

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