The Inlets of Experience / Las rías de la experiencia

I have few words to share nowadays. I am quietly perceiving the experiential lessons of changing seasons and geographies. Some wisdom may come from this. Today's reflection by Mark Nepo in The Book of Awakening speaks to this possibility: The more we are worn by experience, the more of an inlet we become and the … Continue reading The Inlets of Experience / Las rías de la experiencia

Simplicity and Love

Last night October ended with a full moon showing its glowing face through a veil of cirrocumulus above Tárcoles. This morning, November arrived with a soft, luminous dawn over Cerro Turrubares. I welcomed it from my hammock at La Libélula. It felt like the quiet, solitary, peaceful beginning of a new vital cycle. Two writers … Continue reading Simplicity and Love

Yom Kippur

One of the great blessings of my peripathetic life has been learning from intimate personal contact with people from a wide range of cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and religious backgrounds. People of Jewish faith observe Yom Kippur today - the Day of Atonement, a holiday of spiritual self-examination that emphasizes bestowal and forgiveness at the outset … Continue reading Yom Kippur

A Poet Speaks To Me About Love

As I sat still and silent with my beating, beating heart, the wisdom poet Mark Nepo spoke to comfort me today. In the December 3 meditation from his Book of Awakening, entitled "Hospitality," he wrote: "Often the purpose of love is for others to guide us, without expectation or interference, as far as they can … Continue reading A Poet Speaks To Me About Love