Tagore’s “Stream of Life” in My Garden

As sanitary confinement continues to be recommended in my city of San José and I stay home, I have turned to observe ever more carefully the minute details of living nature in my garden. I have discovered new beauties. For example, I often appreciate the various species of orchids, the red passionflower, the magenta and … Continue reading Tagore’s “Stream of Life” in My Garden

Tagore’s Seashore of Worlds

I have just read "Song 60" from the classic Gitanjali by the Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore. Its beautiful verses reminded me of a recent walk, on a golden afternoon, along the beach in Puerto Viejo, Limón. Children swam and played in the sea as the loving Nereid of the Caribbean watched over them. Their ludic … Continue reading Tagore’s Seashore of Worlds

Amor: Luz y esperanza

El amor es la luz del corazón cuando se goza y su esperanza cuando está quebrantado. Por amor el corazón se da, se entrega, cuando erra pide gracia y espera, cuando se pierde busca el camino luminoso. Hace un año, conversaba con gente querida, gente amada, sobre el amor. Compartí esta cita del Buda: "En … Continue reading Amor: Luz y esperanza