Shelley: If Winter Comes?

Primavera arrived this week with her sun-golden hair, azure eyes, and fragrance of flowering cherries. She lit my heart. Today, however, she has withdrawn, hiding her countenance behind the overcast sky, shedding cold rain-tears, and silencing her voice of robin-songs as the wind howls the tale of enduring winter. I took a walk in the … Continue reading Shelley: If Winter Comes?

Pennsylvania: After the Storm

It has been a winter without snow in Brooklyn, this New York City borough geographically located in Long Island. The waters of the Atlantic must be warm because I've only seen a dusting, at the beginning of February. Yesterday, though, a few snowflakes fell in the afternoon, and that was enough to thrill me for … Continue reading Pennsylvania: After the Storm

Del solsticio a la Noche Buena

El día del solsticio me levanté al alba: quería aprovechar todas las horas de luz del día más corto del año en el hemisferio norte. A media mañana salí a hacer una caminata urbana por estos barrios brooklynenses, Windsor Terrace y Park Slope, para disfrutar el cielo azul, sol radiante y frío agradable. Regresé a … Continue reading Del solsticio a la Noche Buena