Shelley: If Winter Comes?

Primavera arrived this week with her sun-golden hair, azure eyes, and fragrance of flowering cherries. She lit my heart. Today, however, she has withdrawn, hiding her countenance behind the overcast sky, shedding cold rain-tears, and silencing her voice of robin-songs as the wind howls the tale of enduring winter. I took a walk in the … Continue reading Shelley: If Winter Comes?

Navigating the Bosphorus with Orhan Pamuk

Istanbul thrives on its engagement with the Bosphorus, the natural strait that joins the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara. It is an intensely used waterway, both for the navigation of cargo ships and for public transportation. Istanbullus, the city's residents, travel by boat between various neighborhoods on the European and Asian shores of … Continue reading Navigating the Bosphorus with Orhan Pamuk

Aguilucho norteño / Northern Harrier

Ayer fue el primer día de tiempo otoñal: brisa fresca, casi fría; sol brillante dorando el follaje que empieza a mudar a tonos amarillos y naranja; cielo cian. Yo salía de nadar en el campus de Brooklyn College y apreciaba esta belleza, cuando un ángel negro sobrevoló la avenida Bedford. ¡Era un aguilucho norteño! Una … Continue reading Aguilucho norteño / Northern Harrier