Close to My Heart

I boarded the ferry, sailed,

and landed in a peninsula

between ocean and bay

to visit beloved friends:

Art, Music, and Joy.

They felt the pain of loss,

and I thought I could comfort them.

But I also felt the sorrow of lostness,

and it was they who comforted me.

Music and Joy strummed the guitar

and sang their song for me

in the sunlit afternoon

as we contemplated

the ocean blue of the Atlantic

meet the sky blue of Heaven

in the horizon.

“What I most want in life,”

I confessed, opening my heart,

“is to water the basil and peppermint

and geraniums in my garden

and smell their fragrance.

I want to watch the bougainvillea,

roses and orchids bloom.

To walk to my parents’ home

and embrace them,

to visit my sisters and play.

To create and nourish

a peaceful, joyful home–

one from which to go

on walks in forests and mountains

and on swims in rivers and oceans;

a home to which to return

for comfort and safety,

dance and good food,

tenderness and love;

a home in which to welcome

and host my closest friends,

the ones who nourish my soul;

a home in which to be

a truthful, sincere lover.”

Angel-faced Joy smiled,

showing her four tiny teeth.

“Go home and nourish that life”,

red-headed Music advised me.

Blue-eyed Art pondered

in silence what I’d said.

Then she looked at me

with the sharp, clear light

of her lovely sapphires

and simplified the expression

of my desires:

“What you want is to be close to your Heart.”