Grateful Hearts // Corazones agradecidos

In this joyful day of Thanksgiving, I share the grateful hearts that I saw during my most recent walk through Lankester Botanic Garden, in Cartago, Costa Rica. I had not noticed before how abundant heart-shaped leaves are in the tropics. But these green, hopeful hearts revealed themselves to me everywhere. They were omnipresent, like the life that flows from Natura Naturans and pulsates through Natura Naturata.

Purple veins

Hoy es un día de gratitud. Por ello comparto los corazones agradecidos que vi durante mi última caminata por el Jardín Botánico Lankester. Omnipresentes, color verde esperanza, aparecieron ante mí como revelación de la vida que fluye de Natura Naturans y pulsa a través de Natura Naturata.

“Un corazón tendido al sol” // Sun-bathing heart

Filodendro // Philodendron (Philodendrum davidsonii)

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