Close to My Heart

I boarded the ferry, sailed, and landed in a peninsula between ocean and bay to visit beloved friends: Art, Music, and Joy. They felt the pain of loss, and I thought I could comfort them. But I also felt the sorrow of lostness, and it was they who comforted me. Music and Joy strummed the … Continue reading Close to My Heart

A Poet Speaks To Me About Love

As I sat still and silent with my beating, beating heart, the wisdom poet Mark Nepo spoke to comfort me today. In the December 3 meditation from his Book of Awakening, entitled "Hospitality," he wrote: "Often the purpose of love is for others to guide us, without expectation or interference, as far as they can … Continue reading A Poet Speaks To Me About Love

A Singing Friend for a Lost Heart

When my heart loses its way and I am without words, I seek the voices of beloved friends of my soul. It may be the prophetic voice of Khalil Gibran, the meditative one of Mark Nepo, the poetic one of Mary Oliver, the praying one of David the Psalmist, the loving one of Jesus in … Continue reading A Singing Friend for a Lost Heart