A Singing Friend for a Lost Heart

When my heart loses its way and I am without words, I seek the voices of beloved friends of my soul. It may be the prophetic voice of Khalil Gibran, the meditative one of Mark Nepo, the poetic one of Mary Oliver, the praying one of David the Psalmist, the loving one of Jesus in John’s Gospel, the sauntering one of Henry David Thoreau, or the philosophical one of Ol’ Moose, among others.

Tonight I sought the singing voice of my friend Niall Connolly. And I listened to this song, “Be There If I Have to Swim” — a song about being lost, so very lost, in the woods and in the cosmos, but trusting that your loving friend will find and hold you, just as you would seek her to hold her tight and lift her up.

Listen here: https://niallconnolly.bandcamp.com/track/be-there-if-i-have-to-swim-3

If you need me,”you don’t have to speak, your face tells a story by itself.” I will perceive you and understand it. And I will be there, even if I have to swim.

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